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 +# Using static site generators with
   * [Microblogging in Jekyll](http://​​2018/​04/​01/​microblogging-in-jekyll),​ by [@fiona](https://​​fiona)   * [Microblogging in Jekyll](http://​​2018/​04/​01/​microblogging-in-jekyll),​ by [@fiona](https://​​fiona)
 +  * [microblog automation via git and jekyll and shell scripts](https://​​microblog/​2018/​04/​24/​01/​),​ by [@das_aug](https://​​das_aug)
 +  * [step two of jekyll automation](https://​​microblog/​2018/​04/​30/​02),​ by [@das_aug](https://​​das_aug)
 +  * [jekyll-mentions](https://​​jekyll/​jekyll-mentions) can be used to create [ @-mentions](https://​​2018/​replies-and-mentions/​) on jekyll-hosted blogs ([via](https://​​8882/​) [@boris](https://​​boris))
 +  * [microstat](https://​​joshdick/​microstat),​ by [@jd](https://​​jd)  ​
 +  A self-hosted Micropub endpoint for statically-generated microblogs. 📝⚡️
 +  * [IndieKit](https://​​indiekit/​),​ by [@paulrobertlloyd](https://​​paulrobertlloyd)  ​
 +  […] a Micropub endpoint that can be hosted on a service like Heroku, configured via files stored on a GitHub repo, and save posts back to that repo for publishing with a static site generator like Jekyll, Hugo or Eleventy […]
 +  * [Oldpub](https://​​hjertnes/​oldpub/​blob/​master/​,​ by [@hjertnes](https://​​hjertnes)  ​
 +  […] implementation of the Wordpress XML-RPC API written in Python 3 / Flask for using with static web site generators like for example Hugo. It should also work with Jekyll, but you might need to modify some details […]
 +  * [Adding Webmention Support to a Static Site](https://​​posts/​2019/​02/​adding-webmention-support-to-a-static-site/​),​ by [Keith J. Grant](https://​​)
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