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   * [What is and why should I use it?​](/​what-and-why)   * [What is and why should I use it?​](/​what-and-why)
-  * [How do I find users and cool content!?​](/​find)+  ​* [Culture and community norms](/​culture) 
 +  ​* [How do I find people ​and cool content!?​](/​find)
   * [Setup and customization tips for blogs](/​customize)   * [Setup and customization tips for blogs](/​customize)
   * [Using Blot with](/​blot)   * [Using Blot with](/​blot)
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   * [How can I post to without using one of the native app(s)!?​](/​post)   * [How can I post to without using one of the native app(s)!?​](/​post)
   * [Other community resources](/​other-resources)   * [Other community resources](/​other-resources)
 +  * Markdown references and guides: 
 +    * Basic [Markdown reference](https://​​2017/​markdown/​) in Help 
 +    * [Markdown Basics](https://​​projects/​markdown/​basics),​ by [@gruber](https://​​gruber),​ inventor of Markdown 
 +    * [Markdown Cheatsheet](https://​​adam-p/​markdown-here/​wiki/​Markdown-Cheatsheet)
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